pla struggles to find young soldiers: soldiers unable to find Chinese army

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Finding the Chinese army is not adding new soldiers either, which has increased its difficulty. Young educated Chinese people now prefer to go to other lucrative jobs rather than the military. Beijing
The new troops do not receive any help from the Chinese army, which is trying to seize Indian territory in eastern Ladakh. Chinese youth now prefer to go to other lucrative jobs rather than the military, which has made it difficult for the PLA. Not only that, around 5 crore 70 lakh ex-military from China are also unhappy after not getting facilities after retirement. To convince these ex-soldiers, the Chinese government is now giving lollipops.

According to the South China Morning Post newspaper published by Hong Kong, the Chinese army is no longer able to attract educated young people. These young people now have more career options according to their previous generations. Wuhan University political scientist Qin Qianhong said China needs to work harder to keep the military an attractive career option for young people.

Ex-servicemen demonstrate to provide facilities
On the other hand, the dissatisfaction of former military personnel in China is also increasing. In recent years, ex-servicemen have gone out of their way to provide facilities. In January last year, 19 demonstrators were arrested. Following this discontent, China on Wednesday passed a new law to help ex-servicemen. There are a total of 5.7 million former military personnel in China.

The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China accepted this bill. According to the Xinhua report, former military personnel will now have other employment opportunities, benefits, jobs, training and education opportunities. Tax breaks will be given to companies employing former military personnel under the new law. In addition, local governments will now help ex-servicemen find other jobs.

Chinese soldiers cry viral video
Previously, a video of Chinese soldiers went viral in which it was claimed that these Chinese soldiers were crying about their posting at the Indian border. The video has already been posted on the Chinese social network WeChat but was deleted by the Chinese administration for fear of insult. The Taiwan News report claimed that the video was shot on a bus as it was traveling to Fuyang Station.

These new soldiers recruited into the army were posted to the border with India after training here. These soldiers first had to go to a military camp in Hubei province. From there, their assignment was to be at the Indian border. However, China later denied the cry of Chinese soldiers and said it was fake news.

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