PLAAF in Taiwan airspace: China again sends fleet of H-6K nuclear bombers, Taiwanese missiles in action – H-6K bombers and Air Force J-16 fighter jets Chinese entered Taiwan airspace

China has launched its 8H-6 nuclear bombers into Taiwan airspace again. After that, the Taiwanese who went into action also turned their missiles at the Bombers of China. Seeing the intensification of tensions, the ship immediately fled outside Taiwan’s range. China is said to be fueled by the US diplomat’s visit to Taiwan. As a result, tensions between the two countries are intensifying again.

Taiwan Alert of 8 nuclear planes
The Taiwanese Defense Ministry said eight Chinese H-6 bombers and four fighter jets entered the southwest corner of Taiwan’s air defense identification zone on Saturday. After which Taiwan deployed its missiles to monitor. Taiwan has also described eight H-6K fighter jets and four nuclear-capable J-16 fighter jets as infiltration.

Taiwan launches Chinese bomber
China usually sends reconnaissance planes or one or two H-6s to the Taiwanese border. A map provided by the Taiwan Defense Ministry showed that the Y-8 anti-submarine plane also attempted to enter Taiwanese airspace near Pratas Island. However, all of these planes were shot from far away from mainland Taiwan.

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Taiwanese missiles confront China
The ministry said the Taiwan Air Force has warned Chinese planes and deployed missiles to monitor them. The level of airborne alerts was also increased upon receipt of the intrusion. Radio warnings were issued and air defense missile systems were deployed to monitor this activity. However, there was no immediate comment from China.

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Most Chinese planes have infiltrated
According to Taiwan’s Defense Ministry, the Y-8 anti-submarine plane was the most common intrusive Chinese ship. This aircraft specializes in tracking surface and submarine movements at sea. However, the United States has many submarines that no Chinese anti-submarine warfare system can detect. Sunday morning, a Chinese plane infiltrated Taiwan.

Chinese fighter jets set Taiwan entry record, 25 days of infiltration in October

China’s H-6K strategic bomber is dangerous
The Chinese H-6K plane is extremely dangerous. The aircraft is also capable of nuclear attacks. It is designed to transport fast-flying drones to anti-ship missiles. The aircraft is also capable of firing cruise missiles. China has also developed the H-6N, an improved version of this bomber. The H-6K is based on the Soviet Union’s Tu-16 bomber aircraft. China is currently building hypersonic airborne missiles for its H-6N aircraft.

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