PLAAF in Taiwan airspace: China sends 15 fighters for second day after nuclear bombers, Taiwan fired on warning – Chinese Air Force Plaaf fighter jets re-entered

The current standoff between China and Taiwan over the United States appears to be widening again. China infiltrated 15 of its fighter jets into Taiwanese airspace for the second day in a row on Sunday. After that, the Taiwanese Air Force swung into action and aimed its missiles at Chinese planes. Not only that, the Taiwanese Air Force fighters immediately flew and warned China against retaliation. After that, the Chinese ships escaped from Taiwanese airspace.

China is agitated because of this
China also detonated its 8H-6 nuclear bombers in Taiwan airspace on Saturday. They were accompanied by a squad of four J-16 fighter jets. The Chinese plane fled after Taiwan’s retaliation. China is said to be fueled by the US diplomat’s visit to Taiwan. For this reason, the tension between the two countries is increasing again.

These planes infiltrated on Sunday
Chinese planes that infiltrated Taiwan’s airspace on Sunday included two Y-8 anti-submarine jets, two Sukhoi SU-30 fighter jets, four J-16 fighter jets, six J-10 fighter jets and a Y-8 maritime aircraft. Included. Earlier on Saturday, China had infiltrated eight H-6K and four J-16 fighter jets.

Taiwan warns of incoming nuclear planes
The Taiwanese Defense Ministry said that on Saturday and Sunday Chinese bombers entered the southwest corner of the Taiwan Air Defense detection area. After which Taiwan deployed its missiles to monitor. Taiwan has called an unusual infiltration of Chinese fighter jets.

China again sent a fleet of H-6K nuclear bombers, Taiwan showed missiles in action
Taiwanese missiles confront China
The ministry said the Taiwan Air Force has warned Chinese planes and deployed missiles to monitor them. The level of airborne alerts was also increased upon receipt of the intrusion. Radio warnings were issued and air defense missile systems were deployed to monitor this activity.

Most Chinese planes have infiltrated
According to Taiwan’s Defense Ministry, the Y-8 anti-submarine plane was the most common intrusive Chinese ship. This aircraft specializes in tracking surface and submarine movements at sea. However, the United States has many submarines that no Chinese anti-submarine warfare system can detect. Sunday morning, a Chinese plane infiltrated Taiwan.

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