Plague of mice in Australia: Australian cultures destroyed by mice Poison sought in India

bogan door
People are troubled by the rat terror in New South Wales, Australia. These rats not only damage farmland, but now they have also entered homes. They chew on electric wires, because of which fires in houses became evident. Drought-stricken Australian farmers hoped to win after a good rain, but the rats ruined their dreams.

Agriculture Minister Adam Marshall recently said: “We are now at a critical point where, if we do not reduce the number of rats by the spring, we will face an economic and social crisis apart. whole in rural and regional areas of New South Wales.

The infestation of rats is not limited to only farmland, but they are now also causing damage to houses. One family blamed rats chewing on electrical wires for the fire in their home. A man named Bruce Barnes said he was playing a gamble by planting crops on his family’s farm near the central New South Wales town of Bogan Gate. “We are just sowing the harvest and hoping,” he said.

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The state government has ordered 5,000 liters (1,320 gallons) of bromadiolone, a banned poison, from India to control these rats. The federal government regulator has yet to approve emergency requests for the use of the poison on farmland. Barnes said the rats polluted the roofs of houses and farmers’ water tanks with their droppings. He said, “People are getting sick from this water.

Government researcher Steve Henry said it was too early to predict how much damage would be done by spring. Henry’s agency is developing strategies to reduce the impact of rats on agriculture.

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