plane crash in Brazil: pilot rescued after surviving 36 days in Amazon Viral News: video of pilot rescued 36 days after plane crash in viral Amazon jungle

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The pilot of a plane that crashed in the Amazon jungle was rescued to safety after 36 days. Indeed, after the crash of the Cessna 210 plane, the pilot named Antonio did not have any equipment with which he could come into contact with the rescue and rescue team. The accident took place in an area of ​​Brazil where one can easily disappear into the jungle. The accident happened just two days before the pilot’s birthday.

The plane crashed on January 28
On January 28, Antonio allegedly flew from Alnécar to Almirim, located in the Brazilian state of Para. Due to a technical fault, he was forced to make an emergency landing just minutes after the flight. His plane was so broken upon landing on the ground that a spark in the fuel caught fire. However, while showing his readiness, he took out food items already stored on the plane.

The rescue team did not find the wreckage of the plane
After the plane disappeared, several teams engaged in aerial and ground searches. What’s great is that these teams didn’t even recover the wreckage from the plane after the crash. When the pilot felt that the mission to save him was now over, he decided to leave the junk of the plane and leave him on foot. After spending five weeks in the forest, he found people collecting chestnut trees in the forest. By whom he passed out.

The pilot returned home after 36 days
The pilot was able to meet his family 36 days after the plane crashed. The meeting with the family was also broadcast on Brazilian television. After which, this pilot was taken to the hospital for an examination. Antonio explained that he was inspired to leave the forest when he remembered the family. He wanted to meet his parents and siblings once.

This is how the pilot lived
Antonio said it was a very difficult time for him to spend five weeks in the forest. During this time, he did not even eat or drink. He survived by eating the eggs and fruits of wild birds. After treating dehydration and minor injuries in hospital, Antony was allowed to return home.

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