Plane crash in Indonesia: photos of the crashed SJ182 plane in Indonesia, all 62 passengers died – Indonesia Photos of the plane crash SRIWIJAYA AIR flight SJ182 crashed

The wreckage of Srivijaya Air flight SJ182, which crashed in Indonesia on Saturday, has been traced. Indonesian rescue officials reported also finding remains of passengers as well as pieces of the plane. In contrast, the divers accelerated the task of finding the plane’s black box. In which the last minute conversations between pilots and air traffic controllers are recorded. The work of collecting all these documents for investigation is in progress.

Debris found at a depth of 23 meters in the sea

Debris from the plane that crashed on Saturday was found in the Java Sea at a depth of 23 meters in which 62 passengers were on board. Air Chief Marshal Hadi Tzahjanto said in a statement that we have received information that visibility in the water is good, which helped the diving crew find parts of the plane. We can certainly say this is the place where the plane crashed.

The reason for the plane crash still remains a mystery

So far, the cause of the plane crash has not been known and there is no sign of anyone living inside. The plane had 50 passengers in addition to 12 crew members. The plane crashed near Laki Island, Indonesia. FlightRadar24 tracked the aircraft to a height of 10,000 feet in just one minute. After which, the possibility of anything untoward had increased.

This plane crashed at the age of 26

According to the plane’s registration number, the crashed plane was a 26-year-old Boeing 737-500 series. Who flew from Socarno-Hatta Airport in Jakarta on Saturday night. Air traffic control lost contact with the aircraft just four minutes after takeoff. After that, search and rescue operations began.

Indonesian President expressed sorrow

Indonesian President Joko Widodo said: “I express my pain over this incident on behalf of the government and all the people of Indonesia.” Transport Minister BK Sumadi told reporters that authorities had launched a massive search operation after estimating the crash site. The National Search and Rescue Agency issued a statement saying search and rescue teams recovered the items between Lankang and Laki Islands.

The low cost airline is Srivijay Air

Srivijay Air is a local low budget airline from Indonesia. Which provides air service to Indonesia and other Southeast Asian destinations. The company said it was still collecting information about the theft. According to the report, the plane is not Boeing’s 737 Max, which has been involved in two major crashes in recent years.

Indonesia flight also crashed in 2018

In October 2018, an Indonesian Lion Air flight crashed into the sea in which 189 people involved in the plane were killed. The plane was also the victim of an accident at sea 12 minutes after taking off from the capital Jakarta.

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