Planet nine exists: planet nine may not exist: Kya hai Planet Nine

A new study has claimed to have found the answer to the question of whether planet nine is outside the solar system. According to astronomers, Planet Nine, which was created for the first time in a long time, is in fact an illusion and such a planet may not exist. Experts from the University of Michigan have looked at several surveys of the solar system for evidence of the presence of this “super Earth” like planet and, based on them, have found this result.

The secret is made …

The planet nine theory was discussed in 2016 when astronomers at the California Institute of Technology linked some strange objects in the cluster inside and outside the planet’s orbit to the possibility of a bigger planet. This planet was called Planet Nine. It is believed to be 10 times the size of Earth and 400 astronomical units from the sun, but to date no firm evidence of its presence has been found.

What is Planet Nine?

The University of Michigan team conducted three separate investigations of these extreme trans-neptunian objects (ETNOs) and found that there was virtually no evidence of a cluster here. Astronomers Constantine Battigin and Michael Brown gave the theory of planet nine in 2016. They found ETNOs on the same angle from which they were closest to the sun. It was surprising to see so many objects coming together. So they designed a simulation in which the possibility of this cluster forming due to a planet like Super Earth.

Hard to see

The ETNO’s orbit is large and oval and never gets closer to the sun than Varuna’s orbit and does not even exceed 150 AU. One AU is the distance between the Earth and the Sun, or 140 million kilometers. Varun is 4.4 billion kilometers from the sun. The distance of ETNOs from the sun is one of the main reasons they are difficult to see. Therefore, their presence can only be gauged.

Will the new study break the old theory?

The latest study claimed that there was no concrete evidence of clustering in ETNOs. Therefore, the theory of any planet Nine causing clustering is also not correct. For this study, data from different surveys was taken, with emphasis on further research. If there really was a planet here, different data would indicate that as well. However, this did not happen. However, team member David Gardis says the presence or absence of a planet cannot be confirmed, but based on ETNOs alone, the planet cannot be said to be new.

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