planet with day and night: Planet Coconut 2b Day and Night Alike:

The huge difference between two objects is called “day and night”, but scientists have discovered a planet 35 light years from Earth where day and night appear the same. This planet Coconuts-2b, which is 6 times the size of Jupiter, revolves around a red dwarf star. Its distance from the star is 900 billion kilometers. It is 6000 times the distance between the Earth and the Sun.

This planet’s orbit is so wide, and the temperature of the star it orbits on is so low, that day looks like night, and the star only looks like bright red light. The Coconuts-2b and Coconut-2 systems were classified by Zhaojian Zhang, a graduate student at the University of Hawaii Institute of Astronomy.

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outside our solar system
Coconuts-2b was first discovered in 2011 by the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) satellite, but until then it was not known that it was also orbiting a star. Zhang says that such a massive planet orbiting a cold star in such a wide orbit is very different from our solar system.

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Why studying is difficult
Coconuts-2b is the second coldest exoplanet. Its temperature is 160 degrees Celsius and it can only be detected by infrared light. Zhang’s thesis supervisor claims that light from a gaseous planet orbiting a star is difficult to detect or study because the orbit is not very large. So they get lost in the light.

The study of Coconuts-2b can be extremely beneficial due to its wide range. This will help to understand the atmosphere and the composition of the young gaseous planet.

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