“Play-based learning is a business experience that entertains, trains and generates professional and personal change”

Interview. Mai Apraiz, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at GameLearn: “Game-based learning is a business experience that entertains, trains and drives change on a professional and personal level”

“GameLearn is a training video game platform that allows a much more fun and interactive learning experience. Our video games produce great experiential learning”, as Mai Apraiz, Chief Sales Officer at GameLearn, refers to the services offered by the video game platform. .

In this sense, Mai Apraiz insists on studying the differences between game-based learning and gamification as a methodology. While gamification relies on the use of game mechanics and their application to any type of action or plan, from customer loyalty to employee motivation …, learning through play goes further. , he points out, being its main function is to build games and, through play and practice, users learn. “It’s a learning format that teaches and you can do anytime. It’s a fun experience and one that generates change not only on a professional level, but also on a personal level.”

After more than fifteen years in the sector, Gamelearn consolidates its position on the job market as one of the major references in innovation in company training, opening up the possibilities of learning through play to a wider audience. in wider. boring, that online does not teach. Perhaps this is our late motivation. Our goal was to create a very fun and extremely interactive training that would make decisions and create paths to a solution, but also create feedback on how I am in doing so I can take it to the next level. “

Mai Apraiz, in turn, underlines the great possibilities that game-based learning can bring if it is integrated into HR policies, in connection with the employee’s experience and the retention of talent: “Being able to offer a Didactic formula for the training and development of your employees has a positive impact on the employees and the company, ”he says. As well as with respect to retaining and recruiting talent from new employees. “It’s very optimal to integrate it into onboarding systems. Being able to include a tool like this gives a vision of innovation, of commitment to the employee that other tools may not. provide.”

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