Plena Inclusin Madrid celebrates

Celebrates the creation of the Office of Independent Living for People with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities of Madrid City Hall

BY RRHHDigital, 14:45 – 31 October 2020

Plena Inclusin Madrid celebrates the announcement made yesterday by the delegate of families, equality and social protection, Pepe Aniorte, in the zone commission, of the inauguration next summer of the Office for Autonomous Life for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. The Office, to be a pioneer in the municipal sphere, allows people with intellectual or developmental disabilities to have the necessary support to carry out daily tasks, administrative procedures and participation in various educational or leisure activities.

The Office for Independent Living is one of the proposals approved in the participatory budgets of the City of Madrid in 2017, the result of a consultative process promoted by Plena Inclusin Madrid and raised by a neighbor with intellectual disabilities in Madrid, Daniel Daz Ramrez, who he welcomed the news, although he regrets that it did not come much sooner.

Daz recalled that the proposal to create an office for independent living was born from the need of people with intellectual disabilities who wish to be able to “manage their life like any full citizen” and lead a decent life.

The president of Plena Inclusin Madrid, Mariano Casado, applauded this announcement, which comes at a time of health, social and economic crisis in which it is more than ever necessary to put people first and meet their needs with policies which will enable them, if not to overcome them, to mitigate the consequences that the pandemic has brought about.

For Casado, the Office for Independent Living presents to the City of Madrid a model of service based on the provision of support that facilitates people with intellectual disabilities or disabilities.

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