PM from nepal news: KP Sharma oli ne Prachanda by lagaya arop: KP Sharma Oli accused Prachanda

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To ensure his daughter’s victory in the local elections, Prachanda formed an alliance: Olikep Sharma Oli said: “I consider him a friend, while he, like Dhritarashtra, has a majority in our party, does he? He Has a majority: Olikathmandu
Nepalese Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli accused Pushp Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” of electoral alliance with the Nepalese Congress to ensure the victory of his daughter Renu Dahal. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said that Prachanda formed this alliance to ensure her daughter’s victory in the local elections.

Accused of abuse
Oli accused Prachanda as he addressed a rally of party workers at Karki Banquet Hall in Kathmandu on Wednesday. He said Prachanda formed an electoral alliance with the Nepalese Congress to ensure his daughter Renu Dahal’s victory as mayor of Chitwan Metropolis. He also urged Prachanda to stay clear of the conspiracy policy.

“Serve people with integrity”
Oli claimed that the faction led by Prachanda and Madhav Kumar Nepal did not have a majority in the ruling party. Oli said that I treat her like a friend, while she is like Dhritarashtra. He said he should stay away from the creepy conspiracy politics and serve the people with honesty.

“Do they have a majority?
Ollie said his party had a majority. Do they have a majority? He said there was a similarity between Prachanda and Dhritarashtra. Both ignored the sufferings of people in the fascination of their children. This is why no one likes the Mahabharata Dhritarashtra today.

Oli’s decision also spooked China
Let me tell you that on December 20 the Communist Party was torn apart by PM KP Sharma Oli’s decision to dissolve Parliament. It had an impact on China. In view of this, China has withdrawn its entire army to resolve the ongoing dispute in the ruling Nepalese community.

Met with the leaders of the Communist Party of Nepal
Chinese Communist Party Vice Minister Guo Yezhu arrived in Kathmandu. He also met with leaders of the Communist Party of Nepal on Monday. He then met with other leaders on Tuesday. Not only that, in addition to the vice minister, 11 other Chinese officials also reached Nepal.

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