PM Modi’s Facebook ban in Australia: Australian PM Scott Morrison discussed the situation with PM NArendra Modi

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Australian Prime Minister told Facebook he has lifted the user ban, Lascott Morrison said Facebook should start talks with the companies that publish the information. He also warned that other countries could follow their government’s measures.
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Friday called on Facebook to lift the ban on Australian users and start discussions with companies that publish information. Along with this, he also warned that other countries could also follow their government’s measures to collect fees from digital companies in exchange for sharing information. Morrison said he spoke with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday about the Facebook controversy.

Morrison said he was also speaking to British, Canadian and French leaders about proposed legislation in Australia. He said: “A lot of countries are interested in what Australia is doing. So I invite Facebook to speak constructively, as does Google, because they know that many western countries can follow what Australia is going to do here.
Why Australia’s Prime Minister Morrison raged on Facebook – he attacked nation’s sovereignty
PM Morrison’s threat to Facebook move
Morrison called Facebook’s move a threat to Australia’s access to and sharing the news as a threat Thursday. In fact, Facebook had banned news sharing in Australia on Thursday, showing a strong attitude. The social media company’s decision has led to a debate between the government, the media, and powerful tech companies.

The company took the action in retaliation against a bill regarding payment to media institutions (by a social media company) in return for sharing news on Facebook in Australia. Morrison told reporters: “The idea of ​​shutting down some sites, like they did yesterday, is kind of a threat.” I know how the Australian people are going to react to this. I think this step was not suitable for him.

Facebook blocked access to emergency services
He said: “They have to move forward as soon as possible, get to the negotiating stage and we will find a solution again. Facebook’s moratorium has been widely criticized in the country as the social media company has blocked access to epidemics, public health and emergency services, although this was done temporarily. Facebook announced Thursday that it had stopped viewing or sharing information on its platform for Australians due to bills to pay for information in Australia.

In fact, the House of Representatives passed a bill on Wednesday evening that provided Facebook and Google with fair compensation for news disseminated on social media platforms. It will not take the form of a bill until it has been passed in the Senate. Facebook opposes it.

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