PM Narendra Modi visits protest in Dhaka and Chattogram Hefazat-e-Islam Photos and videos: Four people killed in violent protests against PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Dhaka and Chittagong

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to attend the Bangladesh 50th Independence Anniversary event as a main guest is met with opposition from many radical organizations. During this period, four people were reportedly killed in violent clashes with the police. It is said that opposition to Prime Minister Modi’s visit was more in Chittagong and Dhaka. Security in Dhaka has also been tightened due to the protests. A BBC police report cited a policeman as saying four people were injured in a violent clash with security forces in Chittagong. Those who were hospitalized for treatment, but all died. These people took part in a protest march that took place from the Hathajari Madrasah in Chittagong after Jumme’s prayers. Many people were also injured during this time.

Demonstration also in Dhaka, police did not charge lathi

It is said that after the prayers of the people, people also demonstrated in the Betul Mukarram area of ​​the capital Dhaka. Protesters also clashed with police during this time. Police announced a ban on popular protests in Dhaka. A fundamentalist organization called Hifazat-e-Islam had already announced its opposition to Prime Minister Modi’s visit. It is claimed in the report that a ferocious mob ransacked the local police station. They also tried to set the police station on fire after throwing stones. After that, the police swung into action and used force to drive out the agitated protesters. It is claimed that during this period, the police opened fire, killing four people.

4 killed in violent clash in Chittagong

However, no information has yet been given by the police about the shootings. The entire area has been converted into a precautionary cantonment. The situation is reportedly under control due to the heavy police presence. It is also claimed that hundreds of people were also injured during this period. However, these reports could not be officially confirmed. The Hifazat-e Islam leader said some of his supporters died during the protest, but he also did not specify the number. Police have been alerted across the area due to protests in Chittagong and Dhaka.

Hifazat-e-Islam opposed the visit of Prime Minister Modi

Several Islamic fundamentalist groups such as Hifajat-e-Islam in Bangladesh have threatened to protest Prime Minister Modi’s entry into Dhaka. Bangladesh then further strengthened the security system. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina herself has ordered severe measures against those who attempt to disrupt Prime Minister Modi’s visit. India and Bangladesh have been each other’s greatest allies from the start. Sometimes the two countries also got over the acidity of the relationship.

Are there no protests at the request of the ISI?

Bangladesh social media users called Hifajat-e-Islam a party hungry for power and religion trade. People have alleged that Hifazat-e-Islam opposed Prime Minister Modi’s visit at the request of the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. Let’s say it is the fundamentalist party of Bangladesh, whose relations with Pakistan are linked.

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