PNV announces pact to eliminate diesel tax and moves closer to supporting budgets

Publication: Friday, November 20, 2020 09:41

The PNV, one more step towards supporting general budgets. The EAJ-PNV announces the progress of negotiations with the government to approve a first package of amendments to general budgets. Among these agreed amendments, according to the PNV, is the abolition of the diesel tax and a post of six million for the underground project of Zorrotza (Bilbao).

This would allow negotiations to resume normally for the GEP vote. However, and during an appearance in Congress, Aitor Esteban advises: “This does not mean that there is an agreement for the final approval of the budget by the PNV, but it is true that it represents progress. very important amendments and allow us to continue in the dialogue “.

Esteban stresses that “today will be a long day” and hopes “that the agreements will bear fruit”. “We will see how things progress. We have presented 85 amendments and I hope there will be more local infrastructure packages,” added the PNV spokesperson in Congress on LaSexta questions, insisting on the so that “there is still a lot to do”.

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