PNV will vote yes to Sánchez budgets to “revive the economy”

Posted: Tuesday November 24 2020 11:47

The PNV’s parliamentary spokesperson, Aitor Esteban, confirmed on Tuesday the yes of the nationalists to the general state budgets, after the government accepted a second package of amendments that his party presented.

“Our bet has been to revive the economy and revive the industry,” Esteban told Congress, saying the PNV is “aware” of the situation in the country.

At present, adding the PNV to government deputies, the ELP would have 161 votes in favor, against fifteen of the 176 required by a majority.

The “ jeltzale ” detailed a series of projects that the Treasury has valued and which will be included in the public accounts, such as investments in certain structures such as the airport of Foronda (Vitoria), improvements in stations, investments in R + D + i and in university research or a commitment to the production of offshore wind energy.

In addition, the amendments also envisage a change in the legislation that regulates technology centers, “crucial elements” according to Esteban where public and private initiative participate, but whose wording discourages companies from participating in technology centers.

Esteban acknowledged the “limited scope” of public accounts and how the sections relating to EU funds and public-private collaboration will be developed.

(((There will be an enlargement)))

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