Podcast, the most popular format for corporate training in 2020

Beyond the fads, the consumption of digital audio continues to grow and the development of new devices as well as the new situation caused by COVID-19 amplifies this trend even more. Indeed, according to a study carried out by the Hootsuite and We are Social platforms, streaming music listening now reaches 72% of users, online radio listening 48% and the latest pdcast format 42%. % at the World level.

A popularity which, far from slowing down because of the pandemic, has intensified. So much so that 14% of Internet users claim to have listened to more hours of podcasts during the months of detention.

Faced with this new trend in content consumption, the human resources departments of companies have seen the need to set up new digital audio formats to develop new communication and training programs in companies. In this sense, the PDcast is a very interesting format for organizations not only because of its multiple communication possibilities, but also because it brings them closer to the lifestyle of their professionals.

However, in order to carry out effective digital audio training, it is necessary to have organizational resources, which are not always available to companies. Recording tools, course and / or program training content, a well-structured script, the presence of a presenter or an expert in the field or even powerful editing software are some of them. .

In response to this need, B-Talent is launching its complete catalog of soft skills in pdcast format with the aim of helping companies offer training that is always available, so that their employees can choose when and how to access their learning.

Why develop a pdcast training? As B-Talent indicates, by learning digital audio, employees will appreciate their training more because it is a more attractive format, which allows them to acquire knowledge in a more pleasant and efficient way.

On the other hand, being able to listen to a course while doing another activity, such as walking or driving, gives the employee more freedom in his training, which considerably increases his motivation to learn. If we add to this that pdcast completely eliminates space-time barriers, organizations are faced with the most appropriate format to train their teleworker models.

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