PoK Election: AJK Live Elections, Azad Jammu and Kashmir Assembly Election Voting Violence: Violence during Assembly Elections in occupied Pakistan Kashmir

During parliamentary elections in Occupied Pakistan Kashmir (PoK), activists from Imran Khan Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party engaged in violence. Two people died in the violence, while several workers from opposition parties were injured. Enraged by the violence of the ruling party, the opposition candidate even spoke of calling India. Targeting Imran’s government, he said India is good between itself, at least they are not engaging in electoral violence.

Voting takes place in 45 seats in the PoK assembly
Today, the Pakistani government is conducting illegal votes in 45 seats in the PoK assembly. The main clash in this election would be between Imran Khan’s PTI party and Nawaz Sharif’s Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) party and Bilawal Bhutto’s Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). There are reports that on the strength of power and administration, workers of Imran Khan’s party are trying to illegally capture many polling stations.

Nawaz’s party candidate talks about calling India
During the PoK elections, tired of the excesses of the administration and workers of Imran’s party, the candidate of Nawaz Sharif’s party, Ismail Gujjar, called for India’s Ismail, who is running for the constituency of LA 35, said the government should stop the violence. Otherwise, the situation here will get worse. If that happens, people will die here. Do we not have the right to participate in the elections? If I do such an act, I will call India. They are better than you. At least they don’t do what you did.

Two Imran party employees killed
At least two PTI employees were killed in a clash with PPP employees at a Kotli district polling station in PoK. Police said two PTI employees were shot dead by unidentified people at a polling station in the area of ​​Nar police station in Charhoi Kotli. Muhammad Shabbir, an officer from the Nar police station, identified the dead as Zaheer Ahmed, 40, and Ramzan, 50, who were killed.

Police also attacked, 5 injured
In a separate incident, Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) activists attacked the Dhal Chakhya voting booth in PoK constituency LA-32, said Riyaz Mughal, SP of Jhelum Valley District. Five police officers were injured in the incident. Voting was also temporarily postponed in some polling stations in other constituencies due to incidents of violence. Several people were reportedly injured in the clashes and several political activists were also arrested by the police.

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