Police charges, throwing objects and maximum tension in Vallecas due to the Vox rally

Updated: Wednesday, April 7, 2021 8:08 PM

Published on: 04/07/2021 20:01

Tension was the protagonist of the presentation of the Vox campaign in Vallecas due to the confrontation between self-proclaimed anti-fascists and ultra-right-wing Vox. In the Plaza de la Constitución, better known as Red Square, an operation of 200 national police officers was deployed to try to control the situation.

The agents immediately prevented the rapprochement between the demonstrators and the Vox activists who attended the rally in which Santiago Abascal himself and the candidate of the training for the May 4 elections in Madrid, Rocío Monasterio took part. Thus, they refused access to the area of ​​the stage to neighbors who mobilized.

At some point in the afternoon after the rally started, some people started throwing objects at the police. Several demonstrators confronted the protagonists of these acts of vandalism in an attempt to stop them.

This did not prevent the police from having to intervene by throwing heavy charges to prevent the advance of the demonstrators.

Many neighbors came to protest against the presence of the far right and there were moments of tension like these. And that, that the PSOE, Más Madrid and Podemos, had launched an appeal asking not to fall into provocations and to avoid any conflict.

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