Political crisis in Nepal China India: Rapidly changing developments in Nepal due to the relocation of China, need for an active role for India

Political developments intensified again in Nepal. Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, the leader of the ruling Communist Party of Nepal who was running at China’s request, dismissed Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli from the party on Sunday. In the evening, Prachanda was shocked by the Election Commission of Nepal and rejected the dismissal of Prime Minister Oli. Experts say China’s intervention in Nepal’s rapid development is leading to instability and India must be active.

Dr Rahis Singh, an expert on international affairs, told NBT Online that China has made Nepal unstable to meet its goals. He said, “The Nepalese Communist Party has split up and the developments change there daily. This means that political instability in Nepal will increase further in the years to come. There are two aspects to the instability in Nepal. Firstly – China will have the opportunity to be active, while secondly – the pro-Indian forces may have a chance to reemerge and watch India.

“ Nepalese PM’s Opportunity Leader India Should Work Actively ”
Dr Singh said: “China wants to develop Nepal as a suburb while India sees it as one of its eternal neighbors.” India sees Nepal as a neighbor and wishes to develop good relations with it. This situation is an opportunity for both of them and if India takes the right diplomatic steps then there could be a resurgence of forces accompanying India.

Regarding Oli’s change of attitude, Dr Singh said the Nepalese Prime Minister is a leader of opportunity. Today Nepal needs India, but Oli needs China. It is for this reason that PM Oli is close to China due to his political thought and culture and he has so far only worked at the request of China, but Nepal needs India. We don’t expect very good results from Oli. India now needs to work actively and the results will be better.

On the other hand, experts also praise India’s decision not to interfere in Nepal’s domestic politics. This too when China shot down the entire army of its leaders in Nepal. China has indicated that it is ready to intervene in Nepal, but India is not just keeping its distance from the whole dispute, but also giving it a corona vaccine. Earlier at a meeting held at the Election Commission in Nepal on Sunday, the decision was made not to accept the two sides’ claim to be the real party.

‘Oli is not acceptable to be removed from party membership’
The Prachanda and PM Oli factions had filed a petition and declared themselves an official party before the Commission. Meanwhile, Election Commission spokesman Rajkumar Shrestha said the move was made in view of demands from both sides. The Commission said it recognized the 441 members of the Central Committee headed by KP Oli and Prachanda. He also said he recognized the Communist Party of Nepal, a solidarity party of Oli and Prachanda, both led by him. The Nepalese Election Commission said it would not accept the decision to remove Oli from Prachanda and the Madhav Kumar Nepal faction from party membership and make Madhav Kumar Nepal the new party chairman.

Following this decision of the Nepalese Election Commission, the two factions of the Nepalese Communist Party will now have to register as a new party to go to the midterm elections. Earlier, a group led by Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” of the ruling Communist Party of Nepal expelled Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli from party membership on Sunday. The decision was made at a meeting of the Standing Committee of the faction led by former Prime Minister Prachanda and Madhav Kumar Nepal, The Himalayan Times reported.

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