Political Crisis in Nepal China Latest News: KP Oli Slips From China’s Hand Chinese Minister Guo Yezhou Speaks With Pro-Indian Nepalese Congress – KP Oli Leaves China, Dragon In Support Of Pro-Indian Nepalese Congress

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Fearing Oli’s masterstroke, China is now planning a new strategy in Nepal. Chinese Vice Minister “Chanakya” Guo Yezhu has started cultivating the pro-Indian Nepalese Congress.
Troubled by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s coup in Nepal, China is now embarking on a new strategy in India’s most important neighbor. Guo Yezhu, Vice Minister of the Chinese Communist Party “ Chanakya ”, arrived for a 4-day visit to Nepal without calling, and Chinese Ambassador Hao Yankee to Nepal, both began to cultivate the Nepalese Congress, a party called pro-India.

Communist Party of China Deputy Minister Guo Yezhu on Tuesday met with Sher Bahadur Deuba, leader of the main Nepalese opposition congress in Nepal. During this time, he discussed the latest political developments in the country following the dissolution of Parliament by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. According to the Nepalese newspaper ‘Kathmandu Post’, Foreign Minister Narayan Khadka said the talks between Nepal and China on relations between Nepal and China were led by a four-member delegation led by the deputy minister. Guo from the International Department of the Communist Party of China (CCP) and former Premier Deuba. is discussed.

Political crisis has not ended in Nepal, said Prachanda – ‘India’s silence is over’
Koirala praised for trying to help Nepalese Congress
According to the Nepalese newspaper, the Chinese minister discussed political developments in Nepal. Not only that, Guo invited Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit China next year for the CCP’s 100th anniversary. Dinesh Bhattarai, who was a foreign policy adviser during Deuba’s prime minister, spoke about it. Bhattarai said that Deuba wishes President Jinping, the CCP and the Chinese people. The CPC will organize a big event next year in Beijing. Bhattarai said he had discussed issues related to bilateral issues of the two countries.

Guo praised the contribution of BP Koirala, founding president of the Nepalese Congress and first elected prime minister, to improve relations between the two countries to help Deuba. At the same time, Bhattarai said that in 1960, when Koirala was prime minister, Nepal and China then signed the agreement, a border protocol on peace and friendship. The dispute in the Mount Everest region has been resolved and the relationship between Nepal and China has been reoriented.

China seeks to repeat 2017 in Nepal
Nepalese analysts say that through these meetings, Chinese Minister Oli worked to create a new strategy for Nepal under the changed circumstances after the dissolution of Parliament. The Chinese side has now realized that the heckling within the ruling Communist Party in Nepal cannot be eradicated. Therefore, the purpose of the Chinese leadership’s visit to Nepal is to assess whether a new strategy needs to be developed for Nepal.
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The Chinese side understands all aspects of what might happen in Nepalese politics in the future. It is said that before the 2017 elections a compromise was found between Oli and the raging parties. China’s effort is to repeat it once more so that Nepal’s policy remains under the command of the Communists.

China, friend of India and America, worried about persecution
Analysts say China is under great stress due to the change in attitude of Prime Minister Oli of Nepal after the visit of Indian officials. China feels the Nepalese Communist Party and Oli are eluding it. For this reason, China has started to prepare a new strategy for Nepal. Nepal is part of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Dream Project Belt and Road. China has invested heavily in Nepal and intends to do more. On the other hand, the United States also wants to provide $ 500 million in aid to Nepal. China does not approve of this and that is why the pro-China camp of the Communist Party of Nepal opposes US aid. Most of the people opposed to America are members of the Prachanda faction.

Meanwhile, for the first time, Chinese leaders remain 4 days for Nepalese analysts. Let us tell you that the political crisis began in Nepal on December 20, when Oli, who was inclined to China, recommended the dissolution of the 275-member house. The incident took place in the middle of a standoff with Prachanda. Following Prime Minister Oli’s recommendation, President Bhandari dissolved the House of Representatives on the same day and announced new elections to be held on April 30 and May 10 of next year. This was opposed by the fiercely led faction of the NCP. Concerned about this development, China sent its vice-minister Guo to Kathmandu.

PM Oli shocks China in Nepal

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