Political crisis in Nepal: Prachanda prepares for massive barricades against Prime Minister Oli, seeks support from India-China – Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda seeks support from India China against Kp Sharma Oli decides to dissolve the Parliament of Nepal

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Political tensions in Nepal are escalating again, with Oli and Prachanda Prachanda, who have shown strength in Kathmandu, seeking support from India and China against the dissolution of the Nepalese parliament, India has already cracked down on Pallakathmandu as an internal Nepal affair.
Tensions have been at their peak since the dissolution of Parliament between Nepalese Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and his rival Pushp Kamal Dahal Prachanda. Meanwhile, the Pratund-led group appealed to the international community, including India and China, calling Oli’s dissolution of parliament unconstitutional and undemocratic. Significantly, Olly dissolved the House of Representatives on December 20 last year in a standoff with Prachanda, after which the political crisis in Nepal deepened.

Prachanda calls for the restoration of the House of Representatives
His decision to dissolve the 275-member house was opposed by the party’s strong faction. Prachanda is also the co-chair of the ruling party. Prachanda told a small group of international media in Kathmandu that if we are to strengthen the federal structure and democracy, the House of Representatives must be re-established and the peace process must come to a logical conclusion.

Force demonstrated against Oli in Kathmandu
“I believe the Supreme Court will not approve Prime Minister Oli’s unconstitutional and undemocratic decision to dissolve the House of Representatives,” he said ahead of a large protest rally by his faction in Kathmandu on Wednesday. Prachanda warned that if the house was not restored, the country would find itself in a serious political crisis.

Prachanda asked for help from India and China
Prachanda said his party called on the international community, including neighboring countries India and China, to support his struggle (of the faction led by Prachanda) against this unconstitutional and undemocratic decision by Oli. Prachanda said that we made the international community aware that Oli’s decision led to the erosion of democracy and that we joined India, China, the European Union and the United States with the federal structure of the country and the democracy acquired after a long struggle. Seeking support.

India recounted internal affairs
India has called Oli’s decision to dissolve parliament and hold new elections, saying it is Nepal’s internal issue that the neighboring country will have to decide based on its democratic processes. However, China sent a high-level four-member delegation that held separate meetings with several senior NCP leaders in December last year as part of its efforts to prevent the ruling party from splitting up.

Oli’s strong love for China
When asked if Oli had decided to dissolve parliament under the influence of another country, Prachanda said: “We don’t need to include foreign elements in our internal affairs because this kind of things can be done in the outside environment. ” Would be more determined than the internal state. Significantly, Oli is known for his inclination towards China.

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