Politicians convicted of trial could be released from prison “tomorrow” after receiving a pardon


Posted: Monday June 21 2021 20:30

If the pardon that will be granted tomorrow to the independence leaders of the trial “covers the sentence they still have to serve”, they could be released from prison “in a few minutes”. This was transferred by Supreme Court sources to LaSexta, who point out that in this case “the release will be immediate”.

Thus, the second chamber of the Supreme Court could meet tomorrow to liquidate the sentences of the imprisoned politicians and order the three prisons in which they are serving sentences to allow their departure. When it comes to being a basic right like liberation, the process is quite nimble.

The president of the government announced that it would be this Tuesday that the nine separatist politicians condemned and imprisoned by 1-O will be pardoned and released, in order “to add thousands and thousands of people to coexistence”. It should be noted that the pardons will concern nine of the 12 convicted in this case since Santi Vila, Meritxell Borrás and Carles Mundó have already served their sentences.

“The Spanish government is going to take the step now. And we are going to do it for harmony. Therefore, tomorrow, thinking in a spirit of harmony, I will propose to grant pardon to the nine convicts on trial”, a he detailed the general manager.

Conditions of pardons

And after the expected news, since the granting of pardons had been announced for weeks without a specific date, Moncloa finalized the details of the process. As LaSexta may have known, pardons will be conditioned on the non-repetition of the crime, otherwise, judicial pardon will be extinguished; on the other hand, they will be partial, that is to say they will maintain the inability of politicians to exercise public functions.

In the calendar of this legal procedure which begins now, the next step after the application of the pardon measure would be to publish it in the Official State Gazette (BOE). As the journalist Alfonso Pérez Media, judicial expert explains, the extraordinary edition of the BOE after the Council of Ministers would be possible.

Later, a time would be opened to be able to present the resources. And in this sense, the debate as to whether Vox or the PP could present an appeal is still open and not at all clear.

And there are arguments for and against. Medina indicates that there is a car from May 6, 2021 in which the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court has declared that Vox, a popular indictment in the trial trial, cannot participate in this pardon procedure, according to what is included in the law of forgiveness.

However, it is now the third administrative litigation chamber that will control the legality of pardons, as it does for all administrative decisions of the Council of Ministers, so it would be necessary to see whether this criterion is maintained.

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