Pope refers complaints about possible collusion with ETA to Basque Church

Pope Francis has expressed his “closeness” to the victims of terrorism in response to a letter sent by the Civil Association Pro Guardia in which, moreover, he refers to the internal channels of the Spanish Church so that it is here that the complaints about the possible “collusion” with ETA of certain priests in the Basque Country.

This is stated in a letter dated March 4 in response to the president of APROGC, Begoña Uña Cantalapiedra, in which the nunciature in Spain conveys the considerations regarding the Pope after the complaints about the position on the ETA of the parish priest by Lemoa (Vizcaya) in a documentary series for television.

<< His Holiness assures Mrs. Uña Cantalapiedra of the closeness and the prayer of the Holy Father for all the victims, and informs her that the Ordinary himself has the competence in the first place to assess any offense committed by a cleric, as was done in this case, the clerk can appeal the decision in the manner provided by law, ”the letter said.

In a statement, APROGC appreciated the words conveyed by His Holiness Secretary of State, stressing that< cela traduit la proximité et la prière pour toutes les victimes >>, for which he is grateful by appreciating< la proximité et la compréhension >> of the Pope. Francis.

On February 8, the nuncio in Spain, Bernardito Auza, explained to the association of civil guards APROGC that the letter had been sent to the Pope in which they complained of the “collusion” of certain priests of the Basque Church with the ‘ETA, “pending the timely response of the Holy See”.

The APROGC insists on denouncing the “deplorable behavior of a part of the Basque clergy”, which motivated its letter of December 15 to ask the Pope to intervene in the face of statements like that of the parish priest of Lemoa in a television documentary series.

The association maintains that this priest “justified the terrorist gang by relativizing its attacks” and asked Francisco to show in this case that he is “inflexible in the face of inappropriate attitudes of Church personnel”.

The APROGC regretted that within the Church “a band of murderers is justified and applauded, without understanding how this part of the Basque clergy continues to humiliate the victims, while the necessary comfort and encouragement must prevail to overcome this sad stage in our history “.

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