Porcelain bowl bought on sale in the yard for $ 35 turns out to be rare Chinese artifact

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In the United States, a man bought a bowl for $ 35, but this precious treasure turned out to be cinnamon. $ 5 million (3,62,87,303) between Havington
They say that when God gives, he tears it up. Something similar happened in the American city of Connecticut where a person bought a ceramic bowl for $ 35 (Rs 2,550) from a cell at the crossroads, but it turned out to be an invaluable treasure for him. This ceramic bowl was made from Chinese art, which cost between $ 3 million (2,18,56,423) to $ 5 million (3,62,87,303).

This white bowl is decorated with blue flowers and many other patterns remain. This work will now be auctioned. It is said that when a person fond of ancient artifacts saw this bowl in the New Haven area last year, he found it very special. This bowl is very rare in itself and only 7 of these bowls are made.
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The bowl was built around 1400 AD
From now on, this bowl will be auctioned in New York on March 17 under Important Chinese Art. The buyer purchased the artwork for $ 35 and then emailed their information to Sotheby’s. Sotheby’s auctioneers often receive such emails, but this time the information received made them happy.

Sotheby’s Vice President McAteer said when we saw this bowl it looked very special. He said that the painting of the bowl, its shape, its blue color suggests that the bowl is ceramic from the 15th century. He then went to examine it himself and found that the bowl had been made around 1400 AD. They guessed just by seeing his drawing and touching it. He said that this bowl belongs to the Ming period.

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