Portugal announces lower electricity bill due to new lockdown and extreme cold snap

Posted: Saturday January 16 2021 19:17

Amidst a wave of tension within the coalition government over the historic rise in the price of electricity in Spain, Portugal decided to promote a 10% reduction in the normal tariff. This was communicated by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action, aware, as they claimed, of the situation facing millions of Portuguese who are once again confined.

“During the last lockdown in March and April, households increased their consumption by an average of 10%. The same percentage increase was seen last week due to the extreme cold,” they said. For this reason, they announced “an extraordinary regime to support the price of electricity, which will be applied directly to the bill of domestic consumers by traders”.

As detailed by the ministry, this aid has two fundamental elements: one for beneficiaries of the Portuguese social tariff for electricity, from which some 800,000 families currently benefit, and who will be able to benefit from this “extraordinary aid scheme during the general detention period “.

“For each general closing day, the values, available in the attached notice, are applied, which reflect a reduction of 10% compared to the normal rate”, they indicated, specifying that “the reduction has a value fixed so as not to cause excessive electricity consumption “. But this is not the only measure that the Portuguese government has decided to implement to reduce the price of the electricity bill.

The other part of this aid scheme is intended for families whose subscribed power is equal to or less than 6.9 kVa. According to the Portuguese executive, this measure “will benefit around 5.2 million consumers”. In this way, these consumers also benefit from “extraordinary help with the same values ​​as the previous component, multiplied by 15 days”.

Portugal has once again broken a record of coronavirus positives and deaths in the past 24 hours, after reporting 10,947 cases and 166 deaths on the last day. This is the fourth day in a row that the country has recorded more than 10,000 daily positives. According to the General Directorate of Health (DGS) of Portugal, the number of people infected since the start of the pandemic is 539,416 and the death register is 8,709.

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