Portuguese health worker dies after father of Pfizer Covid 19 vaccine asks for answers: Healthcare worker dies two days after Pfizer’s corona vaccine, father asks for answers

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A healthcare worker died two days after Pfizer’s corona vaccine in Portugal, around 48 hours after taking a vaccine. No side effects observed
Two days after taking Pfizer’s corona vaccine in Portugal, a healthcare worker working in a cancer hospital died. Sonia Acevedo (41) died “ sudden death ” on New Years Day, around 48 hours after taking the Corona vaccine. A post-mortem of the female body will soon be done. Sonia, a mother of two, worked at the Portuguese Institute of Oncology.

It is said that after the application of the vaccine, no side effects were observed. Sonia’s father, Abilio Acevedo, told a Portuguese newspaper: “My daughter was fine. He had no health problems. The girl had applied the corona vaccine but had no symptoms. I don’t know what happened. I just want answers. He said, “I just want to know why my daughter died.”
Doctor fell seriously ill after Pfizer received corona virus vaccine, admitted to ICU
Investigation into the causes of Sonia’s death
Sonia’s hospital also confirmed that her employee received the Pfizer Corona vaccine on December 30. The hospital said when Sonia received the injection of the corona virus vaccine, no “ sudden effects ” were seen immediately and several hours later. The hospital said in its statement that the causes of Sonia’s death were being investigated.

Sonia had worked in this renowned cancer hospital for 10 years. Sonia lived with her family but she died with her partner. After the vaccine, Sonia also took a selfie with a Facebook mask. He wrote: “The corona vaccine was in place. Sonia’s father said that after celebrating New Years Eve, news of Sonia’s death the next day came to light.

“ My daughter left home and I never got to see her ”
Shocked by the girl’s death, Abileo Acevedo said: “My daughter left the house and I never got to see her.” Sonia’s daughter said there was some discomfort where her mother had been vaccinated, but other than that she was fine. In addition to Sonia, 538 other hospital staff also received Pfizer’s Corona vaccine. The Portuguese Ministry of Health has been informed of this incident.

Woman dies two days after Pfizer injection of corona vaccine

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