Portuguese presidential election: Portugal: Marcello Rebelo de Souza re-elected president, obtains 61% of the vote – Portuguese President Rebelo de Sousa re-elected with 61% of the vote

Portugal voted for the presidential election on Sunday. In the election, the president and incumbent liberal candidate Marcello Rebelo de Souza was again elected president for 5 years. Although the full election result has not yet been revealed, they have secured 61% of the vote so far.

In Portugal, although the head of the nation does not have legislative powers, he has an influential role in the management of the country, while the parliament and the government only have legislative powers. Souza (72) was considered to be at the forefront of seven candidates for the presidential race. Famous TV personality Souza has always been the choice of 60% or more people.

To win an election, a candidate must obtain more than 50% of the votes. However, the turnout percentage was recorded due to the Corona virus outbreak. In addition to increasing the number of polling stations, officials had also increased voting times so that crowds did not congregate. Other than that, voters were asked to bring PAN and disinfectant with them.

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