Positive coronavirus test despite having been vaccinated: what symptoms develop?

Update: Sunday, June 27, 2021 2:22 PM

Published: 06/27/2021 2:21 PM

There are people who, despite having received the two doses of the coronavirus vaccine, have tested positive. One of the cases is that of Santiago, who speaks to LaSexta to explain how he was feeling and the symptoms he developed.

“I tested positive. I started with a series of symptoms: severe conjunctivitis, high mucus levels and an uncontrollable cough,” he says. On June 1, he received the second dose, developing immunity. It was the contagion of a loved one that led him to take a test which came back positive.

The intense cough was accompanied by sneezing, which could be the main symptom in this type of case: infected inoculations. This is revealed by a study published in the UK, which shows that the majority of positive cases after being vaccinated with the full schedule reported this symptom.

These types of infections are unlikely, but possible. The possibility of spreading COVID-19 from that person is reduced to 50%. His illness is also milder and shorter. That same week, the Ministry of Health ruled on quarantining those vaccinated if they are in close contact with a positive: they will not have to quarantine themselves.

The reason is related to the patient’s viral load, which is very low. Although the most important thing in these cases is prevention. Because although the possibility is weak, it exists and the vaccine remains the most effective barrier to stand up to the virus.

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