Power Fx, a new language for Power Platform with virtually no code

The development of Power Platform is very interesting. This platform aims so that we can have custom business applications with very little code and even without code. In addition, the integrations between the different services work very well. But, far from being satisfied, they are working in Power Fx, a programming language that simplifies code.

The reality is that Power Platform already has a very low amount of code. In addition, there is enough documentation and information to be able to solve simple problems. But it looks like Microsoft wants to make apps even simpler.

Power Fx, simplifying the code to a minimum

The reality is, if you are programmers, Power Platform is not for you. This platform is designed for companies that work with Microsoft services and want to integrate everything into a series of simple business applications. Power Fx is said to be one of the surprises the Microsoft Ignite will bring us in the first week of March.

Power Fx is designed for Excel users. The language, expressed as text, will depend largely on the formulas. Thus, users can perform relevant logical operations in Power Platform as if they were working with Excel.

As reported in various media, users will be able to combine code with formulas using existing tools. In addition, there would be some sort of link with the Common Data Service (CDS) allowing users to store and manage data from commercial applications.

In this way, we see how the so-called Power Platform grows hand in hand with Power Apps and Power Automate, formerly known as Microsoft Flow. It seems that the pieces of the puzzle developed by Microsoft fit together very well and that this platform has more value every day. Without going any further, we were able to create different applications to help us on a daily basis.

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