Power Fx, the new low-code programming language

Under the seal of Power Apps comes, as we had expected, Power Fx. This new programming language wants to help those who are used to working with Excel to program.

At Microsoft, they aim to help any business accelerate its business through low-code solutions. That’s why at Ignite they announced the launch of Microsoft Power Fx.

Power Fx, the new programming language based on Excel

It will be a language for use in Power Platform, a programming language that users are familiar with. Additionally, as a feature of the new Microsoft, the language is open source and is available on Github for anyone to use and implement.

Power Fx lays the foundation for a way to communicate between businesses, developers, and development professionals. Collaborate effectively and face the challenges the business may have with Power Platform.

This language, expressed in text, is a low-code programming language to work with directly. As we have already stated, it comes from Microsoft Excel, thus reducing the barriers by allowing Excel users to understand it. This in turn will allow greater transparency, better control and telemetry at your fingertips.

Power Fx makes the Power Platform more intuitive than ever, removing even more barriers for anyone who wants to build an app or bot. In addition, it becomes a unique and consistent language for the platform.

Over the next 24 months, the Redmond giant will be working to make Power Fx achieve greater relevance in Power Apps reaching everywhere. A further simplification for Power Apps to become a key business tool. An amazing twist to using Microsoft Excel that will no doubt help Power Apps grow.

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