PowerPoint application for Windows will allow you to lock objects

The Office suite is very popular around the world. Despite the good work of Google Docs, Microsoft continues to dominate with an iron fist thanks to the many possibilities offered by its applications. In this case, we come to tell you about the next new feature that will come soon in the PowerPoint application for Windows: the ability to lock objects on slides.

How to lock objects in PowerPoint

This new feature is being tested in the Office Insider preview. Thanks to this function, we will be able to fix any type of object on our slides: figures, images, icons, text, etc. Why not leave an object stuck so we know where to locate? This feature will allow us to forget about any possible problems with the elements whose design and location we have already decided.

Source: Microsoft

As can be seen in the attached GIF, to lock an object in the PowerPoint for Windows application, we will need to right-click on it and select the “Fix” option from the context menu. Additionally, users will be able to unlock any item by going to the “Selection” side panel and clicking the “Unlock” icon next to the item name.

Microsoft has pointed out that shape attributes remain locked even when the presentation file is opened on another computer. Additionally, the object will continue to be locked in all other previous versions of Office that support this option.

This new PowerPoint feature will have a useful specialty when creating templates, something very interesting in business and academic fields. At this time, Microsoft has not announced whether the feature will reach the Mac and the web app as well.

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