PowerShell Crescendo Preview 1, a wrapper for native commands

Everyone has a place in Microsofters, and this time we have news for admins and developers. Yesterday Microsoft announced a new tool for admins and developers called PowerShell Crescendo.

Crescendo PowerShell, the wrapper you needed

PowerShell Crescendo makes it easier to use colloquial language by encapsulating native commands that interact in cmdlets. Thus, simplification and hiding of the unique syntax of these commands is allowed. Convert its output into objects that all post-processing tools can take advantage of. Such as Sort-Object, Where-Object, etc. According to Microsoft itself, the definition of this wrapper would be:

Many of today’s modern native commands are complex, they are themselves mini-shells with their own mini-language containing subnumbers or sub-contexts. So if you’ve worked with kubectl, docker, or netsh.exe, you’ve experienced the complexity of running and automating these commands.

This new wrapper provides an infrastructure to quickly develop PowerShell cmdlets for native commands. From Microsoft, they say PowerShell Crescendo offers:

Clear Naming Convention – Verb-Name Consistent naming of parameters for similar uses Output made up of objects Common method of command support Ease of working with objects in a pipeline Ease of sharing with modules

Microsoft.PowerShell.Crescendo 0.4.0 Preview.1 is currently available for download from the PowerShell Gallery. Then you can read all the details provided by Microsoft here.

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