PowerToys 0.27.1 now available for download – Microsofters

A week after the release of PowerToys 0.27, Microsoft released a minor update. Bring the utility collection to version 0.27.1.

PowerToys v0.27.1 now available

The update brings 5 ​​bug fixes that Microsoft has deemed important enough to release a new version. The fixes mostly went to FancyZones and Color Picker and included:

Fancyzones don’t expect me to release Shift. The main bug has been fixed. Edge Box # 8511 has been discovered and is not addressed in this larger patch. Memory leak in FancyZones in PowerToys. The solution actually improved performance by showing areas on high resolution and high resolution scaling screens. The FZ editor correctly handles the multi-monitor when the built-in laptop screen is turned off. Fixed an unexpected crash in removing colors from History when there are none Color picker gets stuck when I hold down the hot key. A bug that has already been fixed by those of Redmond in PowerToy.The next version planned is version 0.29 at the end of December 2020.

If you are using PowerToys, you can open the app and check for the new update. Or download and install it manually from Microsoft’s GitHub page.

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