PowerToys is updated to version 0.29 and prepared for ARM

Before the end of the year, it was time to talk about a final PowerToys update. An update that paves the way for a future version on ARM64. This application, inherited from previous versions of Windows, continues to improve with each version. We will know the news of this last update.

PowerToys 0.29 now available for download

The reporting and error reporting tool has been improved and improved. Various localization improvements. CodeQL added. It is activated via a cron timer twice a day. The “How” documentation has been moved to This will allow the community to perform a direct RRp on these documents

ARM64 progress

The .NET Core update for PowerToys Computer Controls code bases is complete. They always have two external dependencies which are .NET Framework which need to be updated.

Color picker

General bug fixes Added ability to provide parity color name with Office and WinUI Color Picker.


Allows you to use Windows Snap on desktops where no provisions are enforced and for applications that are in the excluded list. Bug fixes

PowerToys Run

Improved performance PT Run now supports accented characters.


Option to extract MSI from .exe for enterprise scenarios and more options for unattended installations. System notifications were suppressed during installation.

The resurrection of the PowerToys appears to have been a success. A nod to this community which has been in Windows for a long time and which is not quite connected to Windows 10. These types of gestures show a renewed interest in Windows 10.

In addition, they have already indicated that in future versions we will have a video call feature. We don’t understand the need for Skype, Meet Now and Teams but… we will have the option available very soon.

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