PowerToys is updated with interesting news

PowerToys is basically a collection of extremely useful tools for advanced users. Now you get a big update on Windows 10. Microsoft PowerToys update includes a new interface for the built-in image resizer, color picker, and a ton of bug fixes.

What’s new in PowerToys

PowerToys is an open source tool and has been around since the days of Windows 95. At the end of 2018, Microsoft resurrected PowerToys and created new utilities specifically for Windows 10.

Earlier this year, Microsoft added a new utility called “Image Resizer” to help you resize and shrink images in bulk. It comes with a very simple approach, but it lacked a user-friendly interface.

With today’s update, Microsoft is bringing the fluid design of Windows 10 to image resizing. It uses Fluent Design and ModernWPF to mimic the look and feel of WinUI, and the update also allows for theme support.

With this improved tool, we can now immediately resize the selected photos by choosing the preset sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Phone and Custom. Also customize the default sizes for the preset modes.

Microsoft even added rounded corners to the PowerToys and also follows the Windows 10X design approach.

As we mentioned at the start, Microsoft is also introducing a new and improved color picker with a Fluent Design interface and rounded corners similar to WinUI. For those who don’t know, Color Picker is a tool that lets you scan any area of ​​your desktop, apps, or screenshots to detect and pick colors.

After the new PowerToys update, the color picker uses drop shadows for better contrast and you can now also choose a different color tone by clicking on the smaller rectangles.

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