PP and Vox join Columbus Against Pardons Act on June 13, and Ciudadanos will attend but will not be pictured

Posted: Friday May 28 2021 2:35 PM

PP, Vox and Ciudadanos will coincide again in Plaza Colón in Madrid; this time, to show his refusal of pardons to Catalan politicians. Concretely, they will do so during the demonstration convened by the Unión 78 platform, promoted by people such as Rosa Díez, María San Gil or Fernando Savater, which will take place on June 13 in the capital.

Concentration which, only a few hours after its meeting, has already had the support of the Casado and Abascal formations. Regarding the first, the PP has not yet confirmed the presence of its leader, but it says that, in a way, it will be. Vox, for its part, supports this call “without nuances”.

However, the big difference revolves around the citizens. The Orange formation only guaranteed their support, while their presence, if it is confirmed, will not be a celebration, but in any case they will be part of the protests as ordinary citizens: “The mobilization of 13 comes from civil society, leading intellectuals who have our respect and our support, we understand that the leading role must be for them and not for the parties ”, they indicate in a press release. This way, the well-known photo of Colón, taken in 2019, would not be repeated.

Now of the group, the vice-president of Castilla y León, Francisco Igea, has been one of the most enthusiastic with the proposal: “In Colón, Lavapiés, Gran Vía or in the Pozo del Tío Raimundo. Always in favor of the rule of law, always against arbitrariness and authoritarianism, ”he wrote on his Twitter account. However, it should be remembered that the party led by Inés Arrimadas had already organized its own demonstration; more precisely, two days before, June 11. This is why, for the moment, its institutional presence is not envisaged.

For its part, the PSOE has already shown its rejection of the meeting, and qualifies this reunification of the right-wing parties, also in the Plaza de Colón, as a “caricature”, according to socialist sources at LaSexta. Thus, they ensure that the PP “does the same as with the statute” and recall that Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría herself admitted when she withdrew that it was “a mistake”.

Who calls this manifestation? Because?

Union 78 is a “civic and political” platform, as defined, which was presented publicly a year ago with the aim of “defending democracy and the rights of citizenship”. And the reason he released his statement on Friday is the intention that citizens will rally to show their rejection of pardons “against the criteria of the Supreme Court”.

The concentration will take place in Plaza de Colón in Madrid on Sunday June 13 at 12 noon. At stake: support for justice, “attacked by the government”, and “in defense of equality before the law of all Spaniards”.

Union 78 thus denounces the “attacks” by the Coalition Executive and its partners on the sharing of powers and equality before the law and displays its “concern” at the “gradual dismantling of the functions of the State. “, Which she sees” reduced to a simple support “of an” irresponsible and sectarian “government, and which, they believe, intends” to suspend the Constitution by fait accompli “.

The PP, which will be present, is already mobilizing alone

As we have said, the People’s Party will be one of the formations present at the event, whose location stands out for its symbolism. However, throughout this week the group led by Pablo Casado has already stated its intention to mobilize, and with several days of margin compared to the said June 13.

In this sense, Casado has already announced, also this Friday, that his team will mobilize by collecting signatures against the concession. An announcement that joins another that the popular have already made this Thursday, by which they warned that they will also present motions in the eight thousand municipalities of Spain for the parties to vote.

“If the Supreme Court has declared that those who have tried to break coexistence, harmony and the Constitution cannot be pardoned, we politicians must respect it,” said Casado, who participated in the Fourth National Fair. for the repopulation of rural Spain, Presura 20, during a discussion with the president of the Maragatería Foundation, Elena Pisonero.

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