PP, Citizens and Vox approve motion in Murcia to hear Spain’s anthem in classrooms

Publication: Thursday, May 27, 2021 7:02 PM

Vox’s proposal to sound the Spanish anthem every morning in public schools in Murcia, before the start of classes, received support from the People’s Party and citizens.

Thus, the motion of the far-right party was approved, with opposition from the PSOE and Podemos-Equo. The proposal also includes that in each class there is a photo of King Felipe VI, and a national flag at the entrance of the school, in a visible place.

They allege from Vox in their petition that the figure of the king is “a symbol of the unity of Spain, and that because of this it has been the subject of countless attacks by the radical left. of our country”. The spokesperson for the municipal group which promoted it, José Ángel Antelo, considered that “today, Murcia is an example for the whole of Spain, becoming a model of respect for the symbols that we represent and unite us all ”.

Faced with the attacks suffered by the unity of Spain in certain territories, we must promote elements such as the flag, the crown or the anthem, which give unity and coherence to all Spaniards, symbols that guarantee our legal system and must be present in future generations so that they feel like their own and enhance them, ”he added.

In the municipality, they have been governing since the end of March in a PSOE-Ciudadanos coalition, all after the motion of censure against the government formed by Ciudadanos and PP was launched.

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