PP opens to home containment if confined to areas where the virus is endemic

Posted: Thursday, November 5, 2020 11:25 a.m.

The People’s Party is said to be ready to support further home lockdown if a community or the central government considers the coronavirus to be “absolutely out of control in an area and it needs to be contained.”

This was indicated by the head of training, Pablo Casado, in an interview with 13 TV, in which he indicated that the PP would provide support “if an autonomous community based on its statistics or if the government s’ was pressing his criteria and he considers the virus to be absolutely out of control in an area and that it should be contained. “

Likewise, Casado defended that “the measures must be effective, correct and based on a scientific medical basis” and gave as an example the limitations of the basic health areas of the Community of Madrid, an instrument he considers it more effective than closing the capital.

However, the government insists that this drastic measure is not on the table at the moment, despite requests from various autonomous communities – Asturias, Castile and León, Ceuta and Melilla – to apply it on their territory.

The vice-president of the government, Carmen Calvo, reacted to Casado’s remarks, assuring that any decision of the PP is “welcomed”, although she warned that the body of this debate is the Interterritorial Health Council. “We have to be careful to ensure security,” he said.

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, insisted after the Interterritorial Health Council on the fact that it takes between “two and three weeks” to assess the effects of the measures already applied. “You have to be rigorous and give yourself enough time to see the results,” he added.

A new lockdown is not the “central stage”

In the same vein, Nadia Calviño and José Luis Escrivá spoke on Thursday. “We will continue to control the outbreaks, but without jeopardizing the economic recovery”, simply underlined the economic vice-president, questioned in Antena 3 on the possibility of returning to a total closure.

For his part, the head of Social Security indicated, during an informative breakfast, that the return to imprisonment like that of March is not currently the “central scenario” with which the government is working.

This is not our central stage right now “

However, the minister added that “with this pandemic, we have to keep our fingers crossed, because it constantly surprises us all, and we must be ready for any eventuality.”

In any case, he defended that by observing the evolution of the pandemic in Spain since August, we can see that “with restrictions of less tension, of a lower level, different autonomous communities have been able to maintain it at reasonably contained levels “. “This is the central scenario in which we are working,” he added.

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