PP reduce distances with PSOE after Ayuso victory and remain 4.5 points

Updated: Tuesday, May 18, 2021 12:01 PM

Published on: 05/18/2021 11:58 AM

Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s victory in the Madrid elections gave wings to the PP which, according to the CIS barometer, if the elections were held today, it would get 23.4% of the vote and remain only 4.5 points behind the PSOE, which would win the elections (27.9%).

The Socialists have lost 3.6 points compared to the previous wave, dragged down by their poor result in the Madrid polls. On the other hand, the PP increased by 2.8 points compared to the April CIS.

On the other hand, Vox would continue as the third force with 13.7% of the vote (-1.7 points); United We can follow, with 10.4% (he lost three tenths); Citizens, 5.3% (-1.4 point); and Más País / Compromís, 3.8% (double its April result, after 1.9%).

In blocks, the one on the right (PP-Cs-Vox) would get 42.4% of the vote, above the 42.1% that the one on the left would get (PSOE-UP-Más País).

The CEI thus confirms the tendencies of the elections, improving the result of the party of Pablo Casado and also the formation of Iñigo Errejón, the two big winners of the election night 4M.

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