PP registers proposal for Congress to reject Garzón for his campaign against excessive meat consumption

Updated: Sunday, July 11, 2021 1:04 PM

Posted: 11.07.2021 13:02

The national deputy of the PP of Granada Pablo Hispán reported this Sunday the recording of a non-law proposal for Congress to accept the disapproval of the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, for his campaign against excessive consumption of meat. Hispán reiterated the popular group’s strong support for the Congress of Deputies for the sector and rejected what he sees as Garzón’s “unfortunate statements and campaigns”.

At this point, he insisted that the People’s Deputies would continue to work with initiatives to defend the interests of a sector that matters a lot to Spain, Andalusia and Granada, where he has highlighted races natives such as the Segureño lamb. The PP will work for a “strong, powerful and viable” sector, emphasizing that people can live from agriculture and livestock, as a statement reported on Sunday.

“We are facing a government which not only kills the sector with bad CAP negotiation, but also completes it with initiatives to promote the non-consumption of meat,” Hispan criticized. The popular parliamentary group of the Congress of Deputies registered a non-law proposal for the Lower House to accept Minister Garzón’s disapproval.

The reason, as dictated in the letter, is “the contempt he has shown towards the agribusiness sector”, as well as the fact that he used “public resources to launch a campaign to discredit and criminalize him”. Through this initiative, the popular also urges the government to withdraw the campaign promoted by the Ministry of Consumption to reduce meat consumption, and to support the responsible consumption of meat as part of a healthy and balanced diet. , the Mediterranean diet.

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