pregnant bride airlifted to wedding by helicopter: pregnant bride caught in flood, airlift in ‘red couple’ for wedding – pregnant bride caught in nsw australia flood waters travel to wedding by helicopter

New South Wales
Wedding day is one of the happiest times in life for a woman, but it has been filled with misfortune for a bride in Australia. In fact, New South Wales has received heavy rains in recent days. 18,000 people were evacuated due to bad weather. Not only that, the roads are submerged and the trees have fallen as well. Kate Fotheringham and Wayne Bell were set to tie the knot amid severe flooding.

The couple had chosen to tie the knot on March 20, but they were surrounded by floodwaters at their father’s house. This couple did not want to change their wedding plan. The two were to be married in Wingham, on the central north coast. Seeing herself surrounded by flood waters, Kate, without wasting time, asked for help by tweeting and contacted her in time.

Kate is currently pregnant and a helicopter from the Affinity Helicopter Company arrives there to help her. This helicopter took the bride and groom and their parents to the wedding venue. Kate later reveals that she has arrived at church and is married to her sweetheart. The church was only 5 minutes from his house but he could not go due to the flooding. The photo of Kate and Wayne in the wedding couple surrounded by flood waters has now gone viral on social media.

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