Prepare for versions of Windows 11 in the Windows Insider program

Following today’s announcement, the Windows Insider Program team announced that the first versions of Windows 11 will arrive next week, likely June 28. And we have changes and news for the supported equipment on every channel.

Since the release of Windows 10 six years ago, there have been a lot of hardware innovations in the PC space. In order for Windows to move forward and get the most out of the latest innovations, you need to update the basic system requirements for new PCs. As a result, Windows 11 has updated the hardware requirements that will be reflected in the Windows Insider program. This blog post will describe what this means for insiders new to the Build distribution. As well as for insiders who have already taken advantage of the Insider Preview versions.

How the Windows Insider program will work

The Windows Insider team will allow us to join Insider versions of Windows 11. We will be able to join, even if our PC is temporarily not supported. In this way, we can test Windows 11. Of course, the team suggests that it is better to meet all the requirements to have the best experience when using Windows 11. As we have already stated, you can easily check the eligibility of your device.

Although it is recommended that our PC meet all hardware requirements for Windows 11. Some limited exceptions are allowed when we apply these new restrictions. All Windows Insiders who have already installed Dev Channel builds on their PC until June 24, 2021 will be able to continue installing Windows 11 Insider Preview builds. Even if your PC does not meet the minimum hardware requirements. New users with PCs already in the dev channel have installed and given feedback on Windows 11 feature releases since last year. The way to say thank you is to go ahead and give us a chance to see how it all makes sense. However, this comes with a few important details that we need to talk about.

New Windows Insider Program Terms

Since these devices do not meet the new hardware requirements, there may be issues and bugs affecting the Windows 11 experience on these PCs that may not be fixed. If at any time something is wrong with any of those computers that require a rollback to Windows 10, we can use the Media Creation Tool here to roll back to Windows 10. These computers will not receive another exception and will not be allowed to switch to Windows versions. 11 Insider Preview again. They will be treated as new equipment and the minimum hardware requirements will apply as stated above. Once Windows 11 becomes widely available, these computers will be excluded from distribution. And they will not be able to receive future versions of the operating system. We will have to perform a clean installation on Windows 10 with the media (ISO) they provide and we will be relegated to Windows 10.

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