Presentation improvements in Microsoft Teams in November

As you know, Microsoft has confirmed that it is working on a lot of improvements for Teams users. Additionally, the company shared more details over the weekend.

Last week, the Microsoft Teams mobile app received a new update with a number of new features. Among other things, the new option that allows us to block message previews, activate caller ID voicemail integration and improve spell checking on iOS.

The new Teams presentation layout works on

In addition, Microsoft Teams for iOS now allows us to access more advanced options when we are on a call. Among the announcements, they indicated that they are also working on a new presentation mode for Android and iOS. This will allow users to see more participants. This feature will allow us to see shared content and multiple participants at the same time.

Likewise, Microsoft claims that it also improves presentation mode when the Spotlight feature in Teams is enabled.

The new design enhancements will start rolling out to iOS users in November. Android users will receive the update in December 2020 or January 2021.

On the desktop, presenters can customize the layout by allowing their video to appear on top of the content. Users can also move their PowerPoint or Word presentation to a corner and make room for other group members, so they can easily address their audience or teachers without switching between content and video. .

Additionally, Microsoft is working on a new targeted communication feature that will allow desktop users to send messages to all members in a specific role. For example, you can now send messages to all members of a group and to students in a certain section at the same time.

Communication will only work when a specific role or label is assigned to users in the same organization. When enabled, users can also share information and collaborate with colleagues.

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