President Donald Trump impeached those 10 House Republicans voted to impeach Trump – those close to President Donald Trump left in rough times, with 10 Republican lawmakers voting for impeachment

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US President Donald Trump faces impeachment for the second time with 232 votes in favor of impeachment, including 10 from his own party, 10 Republican MPs supported impeachment against the leader of his own party. Hawington
They say that if the weather is bad, the shadow goes too. Who is here? Something similar happened with US President Donald Trump. In the vote for the impeachment motion, 232 MPs voted in favor, while 197 votes were against Trump’s favor. MPs who voted in favor of impeachment include 10 Republican MPs. (Political crisis in the United States: Donald Trump is the first American president to face impeachment twice, will have to step down!)

The voting process in the House of Representatives was completed and after that, the House of Representatives approved Donald Trump’s impeachment motion. He is the first US president to be indicted twice. Let me tell you, he is only a few days away from the end of his term and many Republican MPs are reportedly angry with him over the violence in the Capitol building. Well, the Republican MPs who voted against Trump are as follows …

Adam Kinzinger (Illinois) Liz Cheney (Wyoming) John Katko (New York) Fred Upton (Michigan) Dan Newhouse (Washington) Jamie Herrera Beutler (Washington) Anthony Gonzalez (Ohio) Peter Meijer (Michigan) Tom Rice (Southern California) David Valdo (California)
Earlier on impeachment, Trump said: “Impeachment is used in the history of the country to deliberately continue the most deplorable act of harassing someone (Trump).” It causes a lot of anger and division. Her pain is such that some people cannot even understand it, which is very dangerous for America especially at this delicate time.

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On violence, Trump said, “We believe in the rule of law, not violence or riots.” In the impeachment motion, Trump was charged with “inciting treason.” Impeachment requires 218 votes.

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