pressure on Pakistan to recognize Israel

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said his government was under pressure to recognize Israel, but Islamabad would never establish a relationship with the “Zionists”. Khan revealed this in a private TV interview. He said that after Arab countries, including the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain, recognized Israel, Islamabad must also recognize Israel, which his government has currently rejected.

Will not recognize Israel until the Palestinian issue is resolved
Imran Khan has said that Israel will not be recognized until the decades-old Palestinian issue is resolved. He said he had no “hesitation” about recognizing Israel. He said: “I have no other idea of ​​recognizing Israel until the Palestinians are satisfied.”

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Imran refuses to name countries that are pushing
When Khan was asked to name the countries that pressured Islamabad to recognize Israel, he refrained from responding and remained silent. He said, “There are things we cannot say. We have a good relationship with them.

Pressure on America due to Israeli influence
Imran Khan reiterated that the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, refused to recognize Israel. He said Islamabad would continue to support Palestine by following in Jinnah’s footsteps. He said that Israel has a strong influence in the United States and that other countries are pushing for recognition of Israel. He said the pressure was due to Israel’s deep influence in the United States.

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