preview on Mars: NASA’s Mars rover inSight to hibernate due to loss of power: NASA’s Mars rover on the verge of closure

NASA’s Perseverance Rover has started working on Mars and the Curiosity Rover that’s already there is constantly sending information. However, the InSight Rover, which had searched for at least 3 years on the red planet, now oscillates between life and death. In 2018, the InSight rover, which landed at a place named Elysium Planitia, detected 500 earthquakes, saw more than 10,000 dust storms, and began measuring the core of the Red Planet, but Mars weather in the last big ones made matters worse. Made that happen.

The dust has settled

In fact, where InSight has landed, there is no wind that can remove dust from its robot’s solar panel. For this reason, sunlight does not reach it. In February of this year, InSight’s solar panels were producing only 27% of their capacity as winters approached. Then NASA decided to shut down its instrument. Soon Robot will go into hibernation mode, which will shut down all functions that are not needed to keep it alive.

Will you be able to withstand the cold nights?

By stopping scientific operations, the lander will be able to save so much energy that it will be able to warm up during the winter nights of Mars. During the night, the temperature here can be below -130 degrees Fahrenheit (-90 degrees Celsius). InSight project manager Chuck Scott says the weather will depend on how much energy is saved over the next few months. InSight is currently in good condition. He uses his robotic arm, but there is a risk of completely losing his energy. If its battery is depleted, it may never recover.

When are you going to wake up now?

The agency plans to resume operations in July when Mars moves toward the sun. If the rover had been up and running by then, it would continue to provide earthquake and weather information for next year as well. With this help, the temperature of the crust of Mars was to be measured. It has gathered important data about its history and internal structure. Although InSight may stop and run again, which is what it has been called Zombie Spacecraft, but there is a risk of damage to its equipment during the winter season. So far, such a situation is not expected to happen and it will be able to continue its work after being closed for a while.

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