Priceless ‘treasure’ fell in the house of heaven, millionaire got lucky with one fell swoop

They say that when God gives someone, he splashes. Something like this happened to Josua Hutagalung, 33, the Indonesian coffin maker. Precious treasure fell from the sky at Joshua’s house and upon seeing it he became the owner of 10 crore rupees. In fact, a large meteorite fell from the sky in Josua’s house. It is a rare meteorite about 4.5 billion years old. Let’s see what the problem is …

Large hole in the roof of the house due to a falling meteorite

At the time of the meteorite fall, Josua was working next to his home in Kolang in North Sumatra. The weight of the stone falling from this sky is about 2.1 kg. The meteorite collapsed into a large hole in the roof of his house. Not only that, the meteorite fell into the ground 15 cm. This stone fell from the sky, overcame the economic crisis of Josua. In exchange for this meteorite, Josua received 1.4 million pounds, or about 10 million rupees. Josua dug an underground pit and brought out the precious meteorite.

4.5 billion year old meteorite, price of $ 857 per gram

This meteorite is said to be 4.5 billion years old and is counted in a very rare species. It costs $ 857 per gram. Josua said that when he took it off the ground it was very hot and partially broken. Josua said the sound of the falling meteorite was so loud that many parts of his house were shaken. He said, “When I saw Chhata, he was broken. I very much doubt this stone has definitely fallen from the sky that many people call a meteorite. This is because it is almost impossible to throw someone on my roof.

Joshua salary for working for 30 years

Local people said they heard the sound of a very loud explosion which also rocked their house. After the collapse of a rare meteorite, Josua’s house is full of visitors. Josua said: “A lot of people come to my house and look at it with enthusiasm. Josua made as much money from this stone as he would get from his salary after 30 years of work. Josua, a father of three, said he would build the church for his community with this money. He said that I had always imagined having a daughter and now I feel that this rockfall is a good sign.

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