Prime Minister Netanyahu’s unrest to worsen again, corruption hearing to start in February – hearing resumed in February in corruption case against Netanyahu

The trial in the case relating to the corruption charges against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be resumed in February after delays in resuming hearings due to sanctions against the Kovid-19 outbreak. The Jerusalem District Court decided to reinstate the case from February 8. Netanyahu will likely appear in court for the hearing.

Delay in onset of hearing due to the corona effect
The trial of the case was scheduled to resume this week. Netanyahu has been accused of accepting bribes, cheating and breach of trust. However, he denied the allegations, saying he was the victim of misconceptions from hostile media, law enforcement and judicial authorities. The lockdown is applied for the third time in Israel. In this, drastic measures were implemented only last week, which delayed the resumption of the hearing.

Protests against Netanyahu in Israel
It should be noted that Netanyahu has been accused of corruption, fraud and breach of trust. However, he denied the allegations, claiming he was a victim of anti-media campaigns, law enforcement and judicial officials. Netanyahu has faced weekly protests in recent months over how his government is tackling the corona virus outbreak.

Israel is the world’s fastest vaccinator
Israel is one of the fastest covid-19 vaccinated countries in the world, but despite this, the number of people infected has increased rapidly. In view of this, most schools and businesses have been ordered to close as of Friday. People have been asked to leave essential work within a mile of their homes. It is forbidden to gather people in public places and public transport services are limited.

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