Prince Charles on the coronavirus in India: Prince Charles of Great Britain expressed his sadness at the coronavirus epidemic in India

British Prince of Wales Charles has expressed sorrow over the situation resulting from the Corona outbreak in India and has expressed a desire to help. He wrote that this epidemic has affected people all over the world for a year. This week has caused a lot of grief to the terrible Indian characters. Recalling his stay in India, he wrote that he had a great love for this country and that India helping other countries, she should be helped too.

Prince Charles wrote: ‘With the help of the Indian community, the British Asian Trust has launched an urgent appeal for India, so that the desire to do something about these conditions and save lives be satisfied. Many people, companies, trusts and foundations have come from this community. He hopes more people can help people in India. He also said that the people who are going through these situations in India are in their prayers and that together this battle will be won.

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No vaccine, but help sent
At the same time, the UK said on Tuesday that it is currently insisting on its national preference for Kovid-19 vaccines and that it has no additional supplements to provide to needy countries like India to this stage. Amid the dreaded second wave of the pandemic in India, a spokesperson for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the process was constantly being reviewed and the country was sending a support package of 495 oxygen centers, 120 ventilators, etc. India The gap can be bridged.
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The first batch of 100 ventilators and 95 oxygen concentrators reached New Delhi in the early hours of Tuesday. The spokesperson said that in February we pledged to give extra doses of UK supply to the ‘Kovac buying pool’ and countries in need. He said that right now we are focusing domestically and we don’t have any extra doses available.

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Prince Charles (file photo)

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