Prince of Bahrain offers Chinese Sinopharm coronavirus vaccine to Nepal in dilemma

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Prince Kovid of Bahrain arrived in Nepal with 2000 doses of 19 vaccine. Prince Mohammad Hamad’s plan to climb Mount Everest He wants to donate this vaccine to Samagaon, a village in Gorkha district, Kathmandu.
Amid the Corona virus crisis, Bahraini Prince Mohammad Hamad Mohammed Al Khalifa reached Nepal with 2,000 doses of Kovid-19 vaccine. Prince Mohammed Hamad plans to climb Mount Everest and wants to donate this vaccine to Samagaon, a village in Gorkha district. Meanwhile, Nepal is mired in confusion over whether or not to take the Corona vaccine.

In fact, Nepal was hoping the Prince of Bahrain would bring the Corona vaccine from Oxford, but that didn’t happen and it happened with the corona vaccine from Chinese company sinoform. He is now housed in a cold room at the vaccine airport and the Nepalese government is unable to make a decision. In fact, the last time members of the Bahraini royal family visited in September last year, they promised to give the Corona vaccine to the villagers. In this joy, the villagers had named a summit of the village as “the peak of Bahrain”.
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China has yet to say anything about the administration of the corona vaccine
Meanwhile, when Bahraini mountaineers arrived on Monday, Nepal’s Drug Administration investigated and discovered that it was a corona vaccine from Chinese company Sinopharm. Now the Nepalese administration is stuck in the turmoil of whether or not to accept the Chinese vaccine. Nepal is applying the Oxford Corona virus vaccine to its people. India administered a vaccine against 10 lakh corona to Nepal. Nepal has so far applied the Corona vaccine to 1.7 million people.

Nepal has purchased 2 million doses from Oxford, but is still unable to supply it. China has pledged to donate 5 lakh doses of corona vaccine to Nepal. After that, Nepal approved the vaccine from Chinese company Sinoform. Meanwhile, China has yet to say anything about administering the Corona vaccine. Seven Summit Trek Company spokesperson Thaneshwar Guragain said the Hamad group from Rajkumar would visit the Chumnarubi Rural Municipal Corporation area of ​​Gorkha district after a quarantine of around 7 days.

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